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Iron Age Rites and Rituals in the Carpathian Basin - Actes colloque international Târgu Mures, 2011

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Iron Age Rites and Rituals in the Carpathian Basin, (actes coll. int. Târgu Mures, 2011), 2012, 534 p.

Référence 43814 / Prix : 58 euros (+ port)

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H. Potrebica, Religious Phenomena of the Hallstatt Communities of Southern Pannonia ; M. Nagy, P. Sümegi, G. Persaits, S. Gulyás, T. Tör?csik, The Iron Age Hoard Found at Ikervár (Vas County, Hungary) in the Western Region of the Carpathian Basin. A study in the reconstruction of the cultic life of the Hallstatt period in the light of archaeological and scientific analyses ; A. Czajlik, G. Király, A. Czövek, S. Puszta, B. Holl, G. Brolly, The Application of Remote Sensing Technology and Geophysical Methods in the Topographic Survey of Early Iron Age Burial Tumuli in Transdanubia ; R. Scholtz, Scythian Age Burial at Tiszalök ; L. Szathmáry, Scythian Age Human Skeletal Remains from Tiszalök ; F. Gogâltan, J.-G. Nagy, Profane or Ritual? A Discovery from the End of the Early Iron Age from Vlaha–Pad, Transylvania ; I. Kelemen, The Archaeozoological Analysis of the Animal Bones Discovered in the Early Iron Age Pit at Vlaha–Pad ; M. Babes, N. Miritoiu, Verlängerte, Mehrstufige Birituelle Bestattungen im Donau–Karpaten-Raum (5. bis 3. Jh. v. Chr.) ; A. Rustoi, S. Berecki, 'Thracian' Warriors in Transylvania at the Beginning of the Late Iron Age. The Grave with Chalcidian Helmet from Ocna Sibiului ; P. C. Ramsl, Late Iron Age Burial Rites in Eastern Austria ; M. Karwowski, An Ithyphallic Celtic Figurine from Oberleiserberg ; I. Bouzek, The North-Western Part of the Carpathian Basin in the Period of Early Celtic Princes ; Z. Pilling, F. Ujvári, Iron Age Settlement and Cemetery from Szeged–Kiskundorozsma. Some New Data on Iron Age Burial Rite at the Southern Part of the Great Hungarian Plain ; E. Tankó, K. Tankó, Cremation and deposition in the Late Iron Age cemetery at Ludas ; G. B?ezinová, The Biritual Cemetery at ?urany–Nitriansky Hrádok, District of Nové Zámky, Slovakia ; M. Furman, The Interpretative Value of Annular Ornaments for the Study of Early Celtic Populations in the Middle Danube Area ; G. Brez?anová, Reflections of the Contacts between Celtic Communities in North-West Romania and South-West Slovakia in the Grave Inventories ; J. Németi, Funerary Rites and Rituals of the Celtic Cemeteries in North-Western Romania and a Comparison with the Funerary Discoveries in the Tisza Plain and Transylvania ; T. Bader, Meine Begegnungen mit den Keltenfürsten: am Beispiel der Fürstengräber von Ciume?ti und Hochdorf ; P. Pupez?, The Local Tradition Pottery from the Eastern Carpathian Basin Celtic Graves ; D. M?ndescu, Killing the Weapons. An Insight on Graves with Destroyed Weapons in Late Iron Age Transylvania ; A. Rustoiu, The Celts and Indigenous Populations from the Southern Carpathian Basin. Intercommunity Communication Strategies ; M. Lju?tina, M. Spasi?, Celtic Newcomers between Traditional and Fashionable: Graves 63 and 67 from Karaburma ; C. Nicolae Popa, 'Till Death Do Us Part'. A Statistical Approach to Identifying Burial Similarity and Grouping. The Case of the Late La Tène Graves from the Eastern Carpathian Basin ; B. S. Kelemen, I. Vasile Ferencz, C. C. Roman, D. M. Roman, O. Ponta, S. Simion, Cremated Human Remains from Hunedoara–Gr?dina Castelului / Platou. Additional Information Inferred by XRD, FT-IR and SEM/EDX Analyses ; A. Dr?gan, Late Iron Age Burials in the Iron Gates Area. A Functional Approach to Funerary Expression in the Late La Tène ; M. Tapavi?ki, I.-V. Filipovi?, A Late Iron Age Grave Find from Syrmia ; M. Rudnicki, Finds and Context of ?imleul Silvaniei Type Bracelets North of the Carpathians and the Sudety ; H. Pop, Z. Csók, The Tumuli Necropolis from ?imleu Silvaniei ; M. Egri, 'A Warrior Never Dies'. The Manipulation of Tradition in Early Funerary Contexts from Pannonia.


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