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BISBEC n°257 Avril 2016

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Inscriptions et renseignements auprès de la secrétaire générale Jaroslawa Josypyszyn : Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.


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I am writing to you from the University of Western Brit-tany where I have been Brittany where I have been teaching for the past seventeen years.
Britanny, as you know, gets relatively little attention in the Celtic world. This mainly due to the fact that French is the language of scholarly publication and communication for most of my colleagues here. As a result, Bretons are far less present in international gatherings and conferences, etc. than their Irish, Scottish, Welsh or Cornish counterparts. This is a s shame because there are still over 200,000 native speakers of Breton here, more than in Ireland and Scotland combined. In the parish of Sant Yvi where I live and where my maternal family is from, the last monolinguals died during the 1980s.
So the demise of Breton has occurred with remarkable rapidity! Brittany and its language and culture better known to international Celticists, I started a Summer School in Breton language and heritage studies in June of last year which attracted scholars, young and old(er), from seven different countries, including Europe, Japan and the United States (Berkeley and Smith College).
This year, the Summer School will take place from June 20-July 2 and we have opened two levels of Breton: one for complete beginners and a second level for those who attended last year and/or who speak another Brythonic language (and who might like the challenge of jumping in at the deep end!). The Breton language classes are taught through the medium of English and the supports are also in English.
Afternoons are devoted to lectures by fiftheen teachers/researchers from the Centre for Breton and Celtic Research (University of Western Brittany) as well as field trips to the surrounding area of Penn ar Bed (Finistère).
The Summer School takes place on the university campus in Kemper (Quimper), a beautiful medieval town in the western-most part of Celtic-speaking Brittany. Some of the activities will involve visiting a 17th century farm (the owner speaks Breton), fishing ports, the Celtic monastery of Landevennec, etc. For more details about the course and activities and registration, here is our website.
As you will see, the costs are highly competitive, only 350€ for registration. This covers tuition, noon meals, bus passes within the town of Quimper, fieldtrips, etc.). In addition, several evening meals will be offered by the university and town. Lodging: 19€ per night (student residence hall; room with kitchenette, fridge and shower/toilet), 39€ per night in a 3-star hotel in the medieval part of Quimper (+ kitchenette, fridge, shower/toilet).
I would be very grateful if you could spread the word of our Summer School among those of your members, students, col-leagues and acquaintances who might be interested in this course. We still have about 10-12 places available and would be happy to attract people with a sincere interest in Breton language and culture.
Thank you very much in advance for your attention.
G. German


Please register before 31 May by sending an e-mail to Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. with the following informations : name, affiliation, fee (normal or student/unwaged), symposium dinner (yes/no), dietary requirements. Information about accomodation can be obtained by the same.


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H. Clerinx


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